Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Head Students from TGC and TBC visit Tauriko...

Head Student Visit Leadership Week
On Tuesday the 4th of July we were visited by Madison Randall, Head Girl from Tauranga Girls College  and Flynn Kelly, Head Boy from Tauranga Boys College. They came to speak about their leadership experiences, the qualities they believe makes a good leader and who inspires them. We hope everyone in Years 5-8 enjoyed them coming in,
you all asked great questions.
I loved the part when they said that you don't need a title to stand out or to be a leader.  Jennifer

I enjoyed the part when they said leadership is not about being popular. Troy

We are both looking forward to the rest of Leadership Week.
  Jennifer and Troy

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Jon Morrison, Pak'Save Tauriko, in conjunction with Mr Apple have donated a bin of fresh new season apples for our learners.
Yum, thanks Mr Morrison. Thanks Mr Apple.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

40 Hour Famine 2017

Well done to all the students who have taken on the challenge of the 40 Hour Famine.
We have had over 50 permission slips back which is awesome!
Today we have organised the sponsorship packs for you.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017 Head Student Profiles...

Kia ora I'm Jennifer MacKinnon

I am 12 years old and a Year 8 student in the Tall Poppies class.  I am a Head Student with Troy Barnett. I’m involved in different leadership roles throughout the school and I am a School Librarian and a Dynamo Mentor. 
The kind of leader I want to be is one who has the confidence to speak in front of large audiences, give everything a go no matter how hard and have a happy attitude towards everything and anyone.
This year I'm looking forward to working with the School Council and organising fun events for the school. I really enjoy hockey, running and gymnastics and also enjoy every opportunity to be active and spend time with my family.  
I'm really excited to work with Troy Barnett as the Head Students for 2017 as we have thought about many possibilities to make the school an even better place. 
I’m also looking forward to meeting new people this year. I’m already imagining the possibilities!     

Hi I'm Troy Barnett.

I'm 12 and I'm in Year 8 at Tauriko School.
 I have been given the privilege to be one of two Head Students for 2017
with Jennifer MacKinnon. 
I am excited about 2017 because we have such a great School Council and we will organise lots of events for you. I'm involved with lots of roles throughout the school.
I'm a Dynamo Mentor, Bus Monitor as well as being part of the School Council.
I think this year will be amazing!!!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Leadership Week Competition - Winners

Leadership Week Competition
‘Someone who Inspires you’

Thank you to the many students who entered the competition - it was certainly tough picking the winners!

Winner - Years 1 & 2 Entries

My Dad - Lucas Coster
Winner - Years 3 & 4 Entries

My Grandma - Madison Bourke

Winner - Years 5-8 Entries

My Teacher - Emma Neustroski
Someone who inspires me is Jenny Tappenden. She is a strong woman, who puts up with 25 occasionally naughty children for 30 hours a week . So thats right folks, she's a teacher and not just any teacher, she's my teacher. Being a teacher means that you need to have a tough soul, a strong  voice and a good memory and Mrs Tappenden has all of those things.
Mrs Tappenden inspires me because she has such a good heart and willing mind. I think that Mrs Tappenden is a really good role model and she is sensible with a capital S! Mrs Tappenden has a really nice  smile, and she encourages us kids to be the best we can be.
So what I'm trying to say, is that, you're such a great teacher Mrs Tappenden!

Congratulations to our winners who each received a Steamers rugby ball.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leadership Assembly - HEAD STUDENT SPEECH

Well done to Akenese and Cumorah! You both spoke beautifully at today's Leadership Assembly.
You can read their speech below...

Kia ora everyone. I am Cumorah and this is Akenese and we are the Head Students for 2016.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. By John C. Maxwell. I believe that a leader is someone who doesn't think they can do it by themselves, but asks for help. Someone who can depend on to help and does the best for everyone not just themselves.

Be the kind of leader you would follow. I believe a leader is someone who doesn't just want to fit in but is someone who stands out, a person not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, who leads example. Someone who is not afraid to show who they really are.  

My leadership opportunities so far are 2014 Dynamo and Librarian, one of the 2015 Kahikatea House Captains. And this year I am an Enviro Team member, Librarian, House Captain, and School Council Member.

I've been able to lead as a 2014 Dynamo, 2015 Enviro Team member, Totara House Captain and a member of the School Council. This year I am a Bus Monitor, Enviro Team member, Dynamo Mentor, House Captain and a member of the School Council.

My goal as a student leader is being more confident in front of people. To speak up and don't be afraid to express my voice. To achieve my goal I must get used to talking in front of a crowd and act more confident.

My goal as a student leader is being committed, to lead by example and to lead until the very end, to look at the cup half full not half empty. To achieve my goal, I need to remember that I represent a lot of students who are relying on me and that I need to show a positive attitude. I must persevere and not break away from my goals.

The people who inspires are is my mum and dad. My parents always have been my idols, they always encourage me to give every opportunity a go. If they had never told me to listen to my dreams, I wouldn't be up here.

The person who inspires me is my Mum. Mum was Head Girl when she was in college. I look up to my Mum and strive to be like her. If it wasn't for her, I would be a shy little kid, too scared to give things a go or to take the opportunities available.

There are lots of great leadership opportunities at Tauriko School. Everyone in the school is a leader in their own way, even though you might not get an award doesn't mean you can't be a leader.

If you are getting a leadership award today, make sure you keep on working and striving to be a good and respectful leader.  Just because you've been chosen today it doesn't mean that your job is done and that you can sit down and wait for stuff to happen. This is just your foundation to become a great leader.

Thank you